How we work

How We Work?

Since our Services are very flexible, personalized, customizable and optimized, they can be tailor made according to your requirements.

We plan your project from Start to finish, beginning with a comprehensive site analysis, leading to a proper case study of the work, implementation of the agreed plan to the completion of the final product.

Here’s a brief explanation of our process:

Accessing Your Requirements

Our first step is to assess your requirements and determine what level of Landscaping or Maintenance service, You need.

We handle both commercial and residential projects and know that they require different levels of maintenance.

Our experts will work with you during this initial meeting, they’ll ask a series of questions that would allow them to ascertain what you need.

The scope and requirement of the project determines the action plan.

Our step by step action plan consists of :


Assessing Your Property

Your property will be thoroughly assessed to understand which areas would require maintenance.

Our designers will then take measurements of your Landscape or Maintenance requirements, mark areas that require improvement and point out any weak structures to you based on their through study and analysis that will require to be attended or reworked.

We recommend you be present during this assessment because that would allow our designers to discuss the property freely and answer any questions you might have.

Once our designers have thoroughly assessed the property, they’ll provide a comprehensive quote and chalk out a plan which will help you to plan your budget accordingly, allowing us to create a maintenance schedule in our system that’s ideally suited to cater to your requirement.


Our priority is to ensure your budget is cost effective and competitive.

We’re always willing to accommodate our client’s requirements so we create plans based on how much you wish to spend.

Ensuring you are delivered with a well-maintained high quality service at the minimal price.

Our pricing is reasonable,honest, straightforward and You won’t have to worry about any hidden cost.


Working on the Design

Once the quote has been agreed and our contractual terms and agreements have been accepted and signed, we’ll start working on the design.

Our experienced designers don’t take much time to develop a detailed sketch.

Once they’re ready, a meeting will be arranged with all the necessary stake holders to discuss the finer points of the agreed final design,which can be altered as per your requirements to get the best possible results.


Scheduling Maintenance

We will plan and schedule the maintenance activity according to your convenience.

For example, we can schedule our working time outside of work hours to minimize downtime for our commercial clients.

We always work with our clients to come up with the best possible solution for their problems.



Once the final design is approved the implementation process will kick start.

Our project team will arrive at your location on time and make sure all everything is ready for the project before they begin work.

They stick to the schedule and clean-up after their work day is done.

The finished product is once again inspected to ensure all the agreed plans and designs are complied and nothing is left out.

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